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Oh, hey there, I see you decided to stop by, let me sit comfortably and introduce myself. I am Thembie but please call me Thembie-Sthandwa, I am a lifestyle blogger proudly exhibiting my love for good food, amazing restaurants, and yes, good especially good wine. I am a single mother to my best friend, my little girl model, and dancer who likes to see the world in her own adventurous eyes.


I grew up in Newcastle KZN and completed my university studies at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, I moved to Cape Town in 2016 and now I am very happy to call Cape Town my home. I am an Environmental, Safety and Sustainability professional and student by day and by night a writer about all things lifestyle especially what’s Hip and popping within the WINE industry. I am not only a Wine Enthusiast but also into fitness and running, I transitioned and adopted a Whole Foods Plant-Based lifestyle in January 2020 and by far has been the best decision I have ever made for my health.



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I was introduced to wine back in University, not so good wine back then and I definitely didn’t know anything about the wine-world. Fast forward to today, I have had the pleasure of visiting some of the best and famous wine estates and farms in Cape Town, drank some of the best creations of wines and met some of the award-winning winemakers. So here I am sharing this journey of discovery with you, I am no wine expert but let me virtually take you around the cool corners, let's visit more wine estates, let's meet the winemakers behind the wine you love and let’s taste and review together. You can call me a wine enthusiast or hobbyist with the aim of creating quality content to share with you.



Nothing brings together the artists, the lovers, and the dreamers like a great bottle of wine.

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