Plant-Based Meals

Whether you’re new to plant-based eating or have fully adopted the lifestyle like myself, here you will find resources for inspiration to help keep things fresh and exciting in your kitchen and table.  I hope my meals and easy recipes will keep you feeling supported in your health and wellness journey.


I will be sharing whole-food, plant-centric recipes in an effort to help inspire you to eat well and cook more. Most of the recipes I will be sharing with you share are simple and perfect for meal prepping or weeknight meals.


Since we eat with our eyes first, it’s imperative that each recipe has equally beautiful photographs to entice and inspire you, so I will be using my beginner-photography skills when taking shots of the meals especially for those that are first transitioning to more plant-based foods to help eat with your eyes first.


Here, you will find some of my most favorite restaurants or restaurants that really made me want to go back for more. Restaurants that also serve amazing wine and options to pair with your meals. Also, restaurants with the best views, located in the coolest locations.